What is #OneDayMay?

A social media challenge to share ourselves, because sharing is key to connection.

The short version:

I'll post a simple prompt every single day in May on Instagram

You answer the prompt on your own social media or in your journal or with a friend. 

Answer every single day or pick and choose the prompts that resonate most. 

The point is sharing, introspection, and connection. 

The longer version:

As a spinoff of my popular annual challenge #OneDayHH and 2020's quarantine challenge #OneDayCVMay 2022 will be the second annual #OneDayMay.

I've created these online challenges because I believe sharing is the antidote to loneliness and the key to connection. I also know that it doesn't come naturally to everyone. These social media challenges are happy, helpful prompts that get us to show up and be present.

#OneDayMay is comprised of thirty-one mini prompts for every day in the month of May, designed to get us sharing.

All of the prompts are listed below. I will also be posting each prompt daily and answering them myself on my Instagram HERE.


  • Tell your friends or followers what you're doing. 

One of the biggest hangups we have when sharing on social media is the judgment of others. Over years of doing these online challenges, I can assure you that your people want to hear from you. They LIKE it when you post. (And if they don't? They're not your people.) Still, I get why it's nerve-racking. Giving a little heads up or tagging on a line at the beginning or end of your posts goes a long way.

  • Do not get hung up on doing this challenge "perfectly." 

There is no perfect. You're never too late to post and you don't have to "catch up" unless you want to. Share on the days you want to, skip the ones you don't. 

  • Make new friends. (Or just do this for yourself.)

In order to show up in the hashtag feed of others who are posting or following along, your social media profile has to be public. Sharing and commenting on others' posts is a fun way to make random connections, and making internet friends has changed my life. 

But there's also zero pressure to do that. This challenge can serve as an introspection exercise for YOU only. Again, there's no perfect way to #OneDayMay.


    • All of the challenge graphics were made to use and share!
    • On your smart phone, hold your finger over the desired image. Then click "add photo" to save to your photo app.
    • Please use the hashtag #OneDayMay in your own posts.
    • Make sure you are following the hashtag #OneDayMay to keep up with other participants.

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